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Lunesta is a medication that is prescribed by the doctor to help patients fall asleep and it treats insomnia. Lunesta falls under the category of Eszopiclone known as hypnotics. The reason why a person can go into a deep sleep after they use Lunesta is because it slows down the activity of the brain. When the person starts to experience this then they can go into a deep sleep which is why itís used to treat people that have insomnia.

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Similar to when taking other sleeping medicines, the patients needs to be careful whilst driving an automobile, undertaking dangerous activities (such as climbing ladders) or controlling heavy machinery. Patients should only consume Lunesta when they are going to bed as drowsiness starts suddening and makes you feel very tired. It is possible that you may feel drowsy or dizzy the day after taking Lunesta. In the event that this occurs, the patient should avoid all risky or dangerous tasks, as mentioned above.


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